Dealer and Lender Information


In order to perfect a lien for purposes of titling, all of the following must be received:

  • A financing statement or security agreement.
  • A properly tendered, completed application for certificate of title along with the valid title of record.  If a title is not available, you may use a Transitional Ownership Document (TOD) to perfect the lien until the title is received.
  • A dealer reassignment form and all other documentation required to transfer title.
  • For new vehicles - a Wyoming title application signed by purchaser(s) or agent.  
  • For used vehicles - a Wyoming VIN inspection form completed by a licensed dealership or a law enforcement officer.  The purchaser(s) or agent must sign the form.  
  • A contract of sale.
  • $15.00 titling fee.
  • $20.00 lien filing fee.

Effective July 1, 2021: Perfection of a security interest in a vehicle or motor vehicle required to be titled shall occur upon delivery of the required documents and fees listed above.  Incomplete documentation will be returned to the applicable dealer or lender after review by County Clerk’s Office.  The Clerk’s Office is obligated to evaluate the lien documents for perfection or rejection within two business days.

Please consider these requirements at the time of the sale.  The Clerk’s office encourages dealers to have the customer complete the application for certificate of title and to pay applicable titling and lien fees at the time of the sale.  This will help ensure that all documentation is complete and liens can be perfected quickly.