Mortgage Company Payments

Wyoming statute requires that the Treasurer’s office send a statement to all property owners even if a mortgage company pays their taxes.

If you received a bill in the mail and your taxes are escrowed, it is for informational purposes only. Your mortgage company will contact our office at the time taxes are due for the total amount owed. The Treasurer’s office does not send paper statements to your mortgage company. 

If a mortgage company has requested a copy of your tax notice to make payment provisions on your behalf, there will be a message directly below the address window on the tax bill reading: **A duplicate billing has been requested by your mortgage company. Even if your mortgage company pays your taxes, you will still receive a tax notice on September 1 of each year. This notice is for your records.

If the mortgage message does not appear on your billing and you do pay into an escrow account, or if you are unsure whether your property taxes are escrowed, please contact your mortgage company.

Each year mortgage companies request the information on property tax accounts in which they hold mortgages on. The Treasurer’s Office sends them the information by a report or in electronic format. Mortgage companies remit the tax payments in November and May. By law, they are required to pay your taxes in the maximum number of payments allowed by the state. Therefore, they do not have the option of paying your taxes all at once.

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