Mobile Machinery

A Mobile Machinery is defined as a “heavy equipment, except shop or hand tools or attachments, which is self-propelled, towed or hauled and used primarily in construction and maintenance of roads, bridges, ditches, buildings or land reclamation” by Wyoming Statute 31-18-203.


The Statute also states that “no mobile machinery shall be operated in this state, whether or not upon the public highways of this state, unless registered under this division.”

The cost of a Mobile Machinery registration is $6.00, when it is also taxed through the Assessor’s Office for personal property taxes.  For out of state companies, Temporaries can be purchased, with the cost based on the Fair Market Value of the equipment and prorated by the number of months the registration will be for.

The deadline for adding a new Mobile Machinery to the Tax Roll is March 1. Any purchases after March 1 would be added to the tax roll for the following year, and taxes would be pro-rated and paid on a registration at the Treasurer's Office.

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Temporary Mobile Machinery

Temporary Mobile Machinery stickers are based on a few values. There is a County Fee which is a formula calculation based on the equipment, and a State Fee which is $16.00.

For the County Fee calculation you will need:
1) Fair Market Value
2) How many days you want to register

These 2 values are then plugged into a specific formula using the Tax Rate and the current years Average Mills.

The Formula is -
Factory Cost * Tax Rate (9.5%) * Mills (.056395 for 2020) * Days registered / 360.

For an example we are going to use a $100,000 piece of machinery for 90 days.

100,000 * 9.5% = 9,500 (this is the factory price times the tax rate)
9,500 * 0.056395 = 535.75 (this is the result from above times the mill levies)
535.75 * 90 = 48,217.50 (this is the result from above times the number of days)
48,217.50 / 360 = 133.94 (this is the result from above divided by 360 days)

So the County Fee for a $100,000 equipment for 90 days is $133.94. Add in the $16.00 State Fee and the total comes to $149.94. That will be the price of 90 day temporary registration.

Submit A Request Online For A Mobile Machinery Sticker

Click here for the temporary mobile machinery form. This form can be filled out and submitted to our office for a mobile machinery sticker. Once the form has been submitted, we can contact you with a total for the mobile machinery registration cost, then you can pay over the phone or online.

Click here for a Printable Version of the Mobile Machinery Form. Once completed, you can EMail the form to our office at