Wildlife Conservation Plates


Wildlife Conservation Plate Application

With the passage of this bill, the public will have the option to purchase a new wildlife-themed license plate that provides funding to a wildlife conservation 
account within the state highway fund. This account is managed by the Wyoming Department of Transportation, and in collaboration with Game and Fish, be used for wildlife conservation efforts related to the transportation system, including signage, wildlife corridors, wildlife crossings and fencing. The program will discontinue unless at least 1000 sets of these license plates are issued prior to December 31, 2023. The cost of the license plate would be $180 ($150 to the Wildlife Conservation Fund and $30 Specialty Plate fee) and will be available beginning Jan. 1, 2019. An annual fee of $50 will be charged to retain eligibility for a wildlife conservation plate.

In order to continue displaying the wildlife conservation plate on your vehicle, you must present the $50.00 annual fee receipt from WYDOT to the the county treasurer's office along with your registration renewal fees. 

You can read more on the Game and Fish Website.