Accounting Office

Accounts Payable - How to Get Paid by Uinta County

Vendors who sell goods or services to Uinta County must submit an invoice and sign a voucher to be paid. Vendors will be authorized to sell to the County by department heads with such authority. After the signed voucher is approved by the appropriate department head(s), the County Commissioners must approve it.
  • Commissioners review vouchers for payment at their regular meetings the first and third Tuesdays of each month.
  • Completed and signed vouchers must be submitted to the County Clerk Office by the Thursday before a Commission meeting to be considered.

County Clerk’s Office will prepare and mail payment of approved vouchers the next day.

County Personnel & Payroll Office

New employees receive information on County benefits, policies and enrollments from this office. The County Clerk does all payroll functions. The County Clerk maintains personnel records of:
  • Benefits
  • Job titles
  • Names and addresses
  • Wages
  • Withholdings

Financial Administration of Grants Awarded to Uinta County

Each department is responsible for applying for grant funding and for maintaining administration of the grant-funded program. County Clerk Office maintains a complete fiscal record of each grant including funds received and expenditures made. County Clerk Office works with the various departments, grant auditors and County auditors to maintain accurate and complete reporting as well as compliance with all grant restrictions.