Types of Temporary Registrations & How to Get Them

Under certain circumstances, County Treasurers are allowed to issue temporary registrations on vehicles. These temporaries are different than the temporaries that dealerships issue and have specific requirements. One requirement is that your sales tax must be paid before any temporary is issued.

County treasurers are allowed to sell a 30-, 60- or 90-day temporary registration under the following circumstances:
  • Following the purchase of a vehicle - The temporary would expire 30, 60 or 90 days from the date of purchase. Purchaser must provide a current registration or copy of properly executed title indicating proof of seller having ownership or a notarized bill of sale and proof of insurance.
    • Only one temporary registration may be issued to any vehicle in a 12 month period. Therefore, if any temporary is issued from the Treasurer's Office, once it expires it cannot be extended and a second temporary can not be issued until one year from the temporary expiration.
    • Residents with current or expired Wyoming plates cannot obtain a temporary for their vehicles.


Temporary registrations cost a portion of the yearly licensing fees, as follows:
  • 30-day temporary: 10% of yearly fee plus $5.00 fee
  • 60-day temporary: 20% of yearly fee plus $5.00 fee
  • 90-day temporary: 30% of yearly fee plus $5.00 fee
If regular Wyoming license plates are purchased after the purchase of a temporary registration, they will expire a year from the temporary expiration date. For example, if you purchase a vehicle on April 15, and get a 30-day temporary, the temporary would expire on May 15. When you then purchase regular license plates, the plates will expire in May instead of April.

In-Transit Permit

An in-transit permit may be purchased for $20 by an out-of-state resident who has obtained a vehicle from any person, other than a licensed Wyoming vehicle dealer. The one-time permit is good for 48 hours from the time of purchase.