Assessment Schedules


During the month of April of each year Assessment Schedules are mailed to each property owner listing the estimated Market Value and Assessment. In addition beginning with the 1996 schedule, the previous year's tax and estimated tax for the current year will be listed using the previous year's Mill Levy. The previous year's information will not be listed on properties that have had changes in legal description or if they did not exist in the previous year (i.e., newly platted). Property owners have the right to appeal the values placed on their property; however, the appeal must be filed within 30 days of the assessment mail date.

Property Record Cards

They are available for the owner's review to ensure the accuracy of the information used to generate the property's market value. These are available at any time for review. Our goal is to make the estimates of value based on the best information available. Statutes developed and passed during the 1996 legislative session allow for persons appealing their assessments to review the SOCs used in determining the value of their property. This SOC review period is only during the 30-day appeal period and the property owner may not further disclose the sales information to other persons or property owners. The sales information may be introduced and revealed to the County Board of Equalization during a formal appeal, but actions must be taken to prevent its indiscriminate disclosure.