Disposal Rates

All Vehicles Procedure

  • All vehicles entering the landfill must stop at the office to receive dumping instructions.
  • All vehicles leaving the landfill must stop at the office to pay for load
  • All vehicles must weigh in and out every trip. Please stop and start slowly on the scale.

All loads arriving at the landfill will be secured, covered or in a closed container to eliminate the possibility of littering.  It is unlawful to scavenge.


Please place household chemicals, paints, batteries, used oil, appliances, scrap metal, wood and compost in the designated areas.

Disposal Rates



Commercial Haulers Compacted


Commercial Roll off Bins and Dump Trucks


Private Business Loads

$80.00/ton with $30.00 minimum

Clean Concrete, Sand, Asphalt


General Public - Household MSW

$20.00/ton with                       $10.00 minimum

Bridger Valley Landfill C/D General Pit Area

$40.00 ton/with $30.00 minimum  

Non-Friable Asbestos with lab test or paperwork showing DEQ guideline #5 has been met. 

$125.00/ton with $40.00 minimum



Refrigerators, Freezers, Freon Appliances




Passenger, Light Truck


Passenger, Light Truck on Rim


Implement, 6 ply and less


Implement, 8 ply and over


Earth Mover Tires


Rubber Tracks


Solid Tires up to 18 inches diameter


Solid Tires over 18 inches diameter




Super single semi-truck


Medical Waste by appointment only

$80.00/ton with $30.00 minimum

Dead animals over 200 pounds

$80.00/ton with $30.00 minimum

Mobile Homes per section with notarized title


Trailers less than 8,000 lbs. with notarized title