Winter Weather Quiz Two

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What is your Winter Weather IQ?

The Uinta County and Wyoming Emergency Management Agency, National Weather Service, and the Southwest Region of American Red Cross celebrate Wyoming Winter Weather Awareness Week during October each year. Numberous activities will take place throughout the week to heighten awareness and preparedness levels of Wyoming residents. To test your knowledge, these agencies have developed the following quiz. Take a few minutes to test yourself. You may be surprised at what you do or don’t know!

Which of the following is NOT a common winter weather hazard in Wyoming?
True or False: Windchill will affect your automobile?
Ice Storms
High Winds
Cold Temperatures

Which keeps you warmer in cold weather?
What is the correct phone number for Wyoming road information?
Multiple layers of loose fitting, light weight, warm clothing
A single layer of heavyweight, bulky clothing


Hypothermia is defined as:
During which month are temperatures normally the coldest in Wyoming?
A cold needle
A mild form of the Asian Flu
A potentially fatal lowering of a person’s body temperature
Ice crystals in a person’s skin tissue


True or False: Hypothermia occurs most frequently when outside air temperatures are between +30 and +50 degrees Fahrenheit.
Which of the following is allowed in an American Red Cross?

C and D

The number one rule to remember if you become stranded in your vehicle is:
(pick the BEST answer, all are correct.)

What should you do to make your home winter proof?
Stay in your car
Run the heater 10 minutes each hour
Keep your tail pipe clear of snow
Tie a bright, colorful cloth on your antenna

Change filters in your furnace.
Cover windows with plastic
Seal cracks in walls and doors
Service your fireplace, chimney, furnace
Insulate your water pipes
All of the above.

Which of the following is the safety alternative heating source to us in your home if you lose heat during a winter storm?
If it is absolutely necessary to travel during winter storm, should you:
Charcoal Grill
Kersosen Heater
Wood Burning Stove
Gas Stove

Let someone know your route, destination and estimated arrival time
Carry a winter survival kit
Keep your gas tank full
Call for the latest road and travel conditions before you leave
All of the above

When severe winter weather threatens, where can you go for information?
True or False: Winter Storms are considered deceptive killers because most deaths are indirectly related to the storm.
Local radio/TV
NOAA Weather Radio
The internet
The weather channel
All of the above

If you suspect someone is suffering from hypothermia, you should:
What percentage of winter fatalities related to ice and snow occur in automobiles?
Take off their wet clothing
Wrap them in a warm blanket, sleeping bag or coat
Give them something warm to drink (non-alcoholic)
Keep them awake
All of the above


Which one of the following items is NOT a recommended item for your automobile’s winter survival kit?
What could be the consequence of ignoring road closure barriers and signs?
Blanket and/or sleeping bag
First Aid Kit
Perishable Food
Cellular phone or 2-way radio

Lose your license
Fine of $100
Risk life, limb and health
Jail sentence up to 30 days
All of the above

What should you have on hand in your home when a storm strikes?
True or False: You can prevent carbon monoxide poisoning if you smell it early enough.
Flashlight and extra batteries
NOAA weather radio and/or battery powered radio
Extra food and water
Special needs supplies: medicine
First Aid Kit
All of the above

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· 1b
· 2a
· 3c
· 4True
· 5a
· 6c
· 7e
· 8e
· 9d
· 10f
· 11False
· 12a
· 13c
· 14d
· 15f
· 16e
· 17true
· 18d
· 19e
· 20False
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How did you score?

If you scored lower than you had hoped, you still have time to raise your level of preparedness. Winterize your home and vehicles, assemble a winter survival kit, and go over winter safety rules with ALL family members. You, too, can be a Blizzard Wizard!!

Blizzard Wizard (want a job?)
Snow-it-All (well….Almost)
Frost Bitten (stay close to home this winter!)
Hockey Puck (you’re skating on thin ice!)
Winter Whiner (ever thought of moving to Florida?)

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