Partnership with VDCI

Vector Disease Control International

Uinta County is partnering with VDCI to help protect the public from vector-borne diseases like West Nile Virus. Check out their list of helpful resources focused on mosquito and tick management and education on vector-borne diseases. 


Vector Disease Control International is committed to improving the quality of human life through education, surveillance, and the control of mosquitoes and other disease vectors. Learn what VDCI's team of experts are doing in Uinta County to reduce mosquito populations

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Mosquito Prevention Checklist

You can help us in the fight to protect public health right in your backyard! Check out VDCI's mosquito prevention checklist and learn how you can protect yourself and your property from pesky mosquitoes

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What Attracts Mosquitos?

Our partner in mosquito management and vector control, VDCI, has broken down all the frequently asked questions revolving around mosquitos. Learn what attracts mosquitoes and why they bite us