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Veteran's Annual Renewal Form

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  2. Veteran's Affidavit for Annual Veteran Exemption-Uinta County, Wyoming
  3. Dear Veteran or Surviving Spouse of Veteran,
  4. The veterans’ year runs from June 1st to the fourth Monday in May. The veteran's exemption consists of taking off $3000 in assessed value on your property, which exempts close to $200 dollars off your property taxes for the year. This has to be done EVERY YEAR. If it is more convenient for you, you can come into the office or call us and renew it. You may call 307-783-0451 and renew it over the phone. Either way it must be done every year by the Forth Monday in May, or you will NOT receive the exemption for that tax year.
  5. This online form is for veterans that have already established eligibility at the Uinta County Assessor's office. THIS ONLINE FORM IS NOT INTENDED FOR LICENSE PLATE RENEWAL. If you are using your exemption on a vehicle, please call or come into the office. Again, thank you for your service!
  6. Veteran
  7. Spouses Name or Widow/Widower
  8. Location of Primary Address
  9. Mailing Address (if different than primary address)
  10. I, (place your name below), swear or affirm that I served in the military of the United States during one of the wars or military operations identified by W.S. 39-13-105; that I or my spouse own and reside at the property for which exemption is claimed; that I am now and for the past three (3) years domiciled in Wyoming; I have not claimed a similar exemption in any other county of the state for this tax year.
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