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Questionnaire for Confirmation of Commercial Real Property Sale

  2. Uinta County Assessor
    225 9th St.
    Evanston, WY 82930

    Dear Uinta County Property Owner:

    In our effort to ensure property assessments are fair and accurate, we are asking for your assistance concerning the property you recently purchased.

    This is a sales verification form that will be used to evaluate the sale of the property. The information required on the form describes, in your opinion, how the property was at the time of the sale. Information such as the condition, type of sale, number of bathrooms or basement finish enables us to make sure the correct information is used in sales analysis.

    In accordance with the rules of the Wyoming State Board of Equalization, we are required to verify all property sales that occur each year. In order to accomplish this in the most efficient manner possible, we request that you complete the form within 10 days. If you prefer, you may fax it to 307-783-0336 or email it to, or You can also call 307-783-0338 or 307-782-7432 (Bridger Valley) and complete the information by talking with a staff member regarding your purchase.

    Let us assure you that your individual assessment will not go up or down based on the information that you provide. We utilize the mass appraisal technique to compare your property to other similar properties thereby arriving at a fair value for all properties with the same or comparable characteristics.

    We understand that there may be some feelings of reluctance to share the information on your property. Please know that your information is confidential and will not be disclosed to the general public. This information is available only to specific individuals during a 30 day protest period each year. Your cooperation in assisting us to obtain the most accurate information possible is the best way to insure uniform and equitable assessments.

    Again, congratulations on the purchase of your new property. If there is anyway that we may be of assistance to you, please do not hesitate to call.

  3. Type of property transferred
  4. Use of property at time of sale
  5. Terms of Sale:
  6. Was there any *PERSONAL PROPERTY included in the sale?
    *Personal property is furniture, equipment, machinery, etc, not normally included in property sale.
  7. Was this property listed for sale with a realtor or advertised on the open market?
  8. Have there been any major changes to the property since the date of sale?
  9. Are the buyer and seller related or associated?
  10. Does the property purchased have the following (check all that apply):
  11. Is the Existing Improvement :
  12. Has building been remodeled since original build?
  13. Basement
  14. Construction Type
  15. Additional Features (check all that apply)
  16. Condition of Building:
  17. Thank you for your assistance in completing this survey. The information gathered here is confidential and will be used for property verification purposes only. For questions, please call 307-783-0338.
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