How is HAV spread?
HAV is usually spread from getting particles of fecal material into your mouth that might be too small to be seen. This happens through house-hold or sexual contact with an infected person or by eating HAV- contaminated food or drinking HAV-contaminated water. Casual contact, such as in a school or work setting does not spread HAV.

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1. What is Hepatitis A?
2. How is HAV spread?
3. What are the symptoms of Hepatitis A?
4. How serious is Hepatitis A?
5. How can HAV infection be prevented?
6. Who should get Hepatitis A vaccine?
7. What if I don’t fit into any of these groups, but still want to be protected against HAV infection?
8. How can I protect myself against HAV when traveling?
9. How long does Hepatitis A vaccine protect you?
10. How safe is Hepatitis A vaccine? Does it have any side effects?
11. How effective is Hepatitis A vaccine?
12. How many shots are needed?