Wastewater / Septic System

The purpose of Small Wastewater regulations are to prevent, reduce, and eliminate pollution and enhance the waters of the Sate of Wyoming and to protect the health, safety and welfare of the environment and its inhabitants by ensuring that the design and construction of the small wastewater systems meets the purpose of the Environment Quality Act. 

Wastewater systems must be installed by a licensed installer in Uinta County. Property owners may install their own system under the guidance of the Uinta County Small Wastewater Resolution and Wastewater Engineer. 

Uinta County Small Wastewater Regulations


The intent of these design and construction standards included in these regulations is directed toward conventional small wastewater systems. These standards impose limiting values of design for which a construction, installation or modification permit application and plans and specifications can be evaluated by Uinta County, Wyoming.

Permit Required

A Small Wastewater Permit is required for the construction, installation, or modification of small wastewater facilities shall be allowed only in accordance with the terms and conditions of permits issued pursuant to the provisions of the Uinta County Small Wastewater Regulations. The application fee for a Small Wastewater Permit is $150.00. 

No construction, installation or modification of a small wastewater system shall be allowed unless a permit to construct, install or modify has been obtained from Uinta County, Wyoming.

The issuance of a permit to construct does not relieve the permitted of their responsibility to properly plan, design, construct, operate and maintain the facility described in the application and permit conditions. 

Small Wastewater Application Package

Site Preparation for Percolation Testing & Observation Pit Pamphlet 

Process Overview

  1. Obtain a Small Wastewater Permit Application from Planning & Zoning
  2. Conduct groundwater observation cut and percolation tests.
  3. Submit Septic Permit Application to Planning & Zoning Office with Design Layout.
  4. Obtain County Issued  Small Wastewater Permit to Construct.
  5. Install system according to approved design specifications.
  6. Planning & Zoning Office inspects system BEFORE backfilling occurs.
    • The County can require you to unearth, remove, rebuild a non-compliant system. 
  7. Obtain Small Wastewater Facility Permit with permission to back fill