Victim / Witness Service Programs

Types of Victims Served

The Victim/Witness Service Program serves all or part of a community – wide system of comprehensive aid to all victims with a specific issue on providing effective cultural service delivery, without regard to race, religion or sex.

Types of Services Provided

  • Immediate Crisis Intervention Response.
  • 24 Hour Availability to Law Enforcement, Victims and Witnesses.
  • Upon Request – Go to the Hospital, Crime Scene, Victim’s House or Other Designated Point.
  • Screen all Law Enforcement Reports within 48 hours of Receipt and Notify Victims of Services via Telephone, Letter or Personal Visit.
  • Wyoming Victim Bill of Rights.
  • The Right to be treated with Compassion, Respect and Sensitivity within the Criminal Justice System.
  • The Right to Know the Whereabouts of the Defendant and to be informed about the Details and Progress of Your Case.
  • The Right to Receive Restitution from Offenders.
  • The Right to be informed about Wyoming Crime Victim Compensation.
  • The Right to Hire an Attorney and Proceed with Civil Action.
  • The Right to Reasonable Protection and Safety and the Right to Know of Legal Recourse if Threatened.
  • The Right to Preservation of Employment while Participating in the Criminal Justice Process.
  • The Right to be informed about the Opportunity to make a Victim Impact Statement at Sentencing and Parole Hearings.
  • The Right to be provided with the Names and Official Phone Numbers and Address of the Primary Individuals working on Your Case.
  • The Right to be Present at Trial.