Uinta-B.O.C.E.S. Lifelong Learning Center

Lifelong Learning Center is a vocational training center located in the heart of Evanston. Masters', Bachelors', and Associate Degrees can be obtained through Lifelong Learning Center. Several vocational training programs are in place supporting the oil and gas industry with safety training and trade related job training. The community of Evanston participates in the College Outreach Program that offers a variety of credit and non-credit classes.

Uinta County School District #1

The secondary school has a vocational program that has been developed to meet the changing needs of high school students over the years.
  • Elementary - 4 K-5
  • Junior HS - 2 6-8
  • Senior HS - 1 9-12

Average ACT Score 20.4.

Educational Attainment 2000 Census

Population over 25 6712
No High School Diploma 1062
High School Diploma 2198
Some College 1754
Associate Degree 520
Bachelors' Degree 870
Graduate or Professional Degree 308

Teacher to Student Ratio

Elementary 1:18. 1348
Junior HS 1:23.3 746
Senior HS 1:65.5 906