County Attorney


The Uinta County and Prosecuting Attorney has responsibility in two major areas: criminal and civil.

Criminal Prosecution

The County and Prosecuting Attorney prosecutes all felonies committed within Uinta County. The Office also prosecutes all misdemeanors committed outside the incorporated cities and towns and the more serious misdemeanor cases occurring within the cities and towns.


The Office prosecutes all delinquency, neglect, and “children in need of supervision” cases in the Juvenile Court. These delinquency cases are generally of a serious nature that cannot be dealt with appropriately by other courts.

Mental Health

The Office processes all involuntary commitment cases involving those who are mentally ill and a danger to themselves or others.

Legal Advisor

The County and Prosecuting Attorney is the legal advisor to all County elected officials and renders legal advice to those officials upon request.


The Office represents the County elected officials in various courts when the County brings suit or is sued.