Vehicle Titles

Certificates of Title

Vehicle ownership is evidenced by a Certificate of Title. The County Clerk issues Wyoming Certificates of Title for the state.

Transferring ownership of a vehicle can be complicated as there are many variables which affect titling when buying or selling a vehicle. The information on this site may not cover your particular situation, so please contact this office with any other questions at (307) 783-0306.


  • Duplicate Title - $15
  • Lien Filed on Title - $20
  • VIN Inspection - $10
  • Wyoming Certificate of Title - $15

Duplicate Title - How to Obtain a Duplicate for a Lost or Destroyed Wyoming Title

If a title issued by Uinta County has been lost, destroyed or mutilated, you can obtain a duplicate title from this office. To protect everyone who has an interest in a vehicle, all owners listed on a title must sign the application for a duplicate title and have their signatures notarized. You can print the Application for Duplicate Title, complete, sign and have it notarized.
  • Bring or mail the application to us with the $15 fee.
  • The title will be issued following an 11-day waiting period required by law.

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